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Social Policy Research and Analysis

Program and policy evaluation

Leaders in organizations often want to know whether the programs and policies they implement have the desired effects. We work with such leaders to understand impacts of programs and policies by using existing administrative data they collect, aiding in designing data collection and program implementation efforts, in either experimental or quasi-experimental study designs. These projects often begin with a conversation about the types of data available and/or the types of implementation strategies the organization desires (e.g., randomization, use of instruments to determine program eligibility).

Administrative data management
& analysis

A crucial preliminary step in any organization's ability to effectively use data is ensuring available data are organized coherently, stored securely, and easily accessed and linked to other relevant data at hand. For years we have consulted organizations and groups of organizations on the most effective ways for their data to be stored and shared. This includes deriving and providing a mapping system for connecting disparate datasets, recommending data storage and retrieval methods, and providing the first round of data analysis and guidance for replication of those methods moving forward.

Data visualization & mapping

Often results are best understood through visual aids. Our work always considers the most effective ways to present an organization's data in a way the helps leaders and stakeholders best understand its implications. Our knowledge of ArcGIS software allows us to offer professional-quality mapping visualizations, including interactive mapping services.

Survey design, implementation
and analysis

Surveys are an effective way to understand how stakeholders, community members, and/or clients understand services, service contexts, and their own reactions to events that matter to an organization and the communities the organization serves. These projects are often initiated when a partner or client organization has specific information from stakeholders but is unsure of the most effective and reliable way to collect survey information. We have years of experience designing, implementing, and interpreting results of self-reported survey data, with extensive experience using Qualtrics, Google Forms, Survey Monkey, and more.

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